Chris Christenberry Hand crafted furniture in the old style

Custom designed furniture for clients unique needs and tastes. Contact me so I may begin designing and building your artisan piece today.

  • custom wooden table

    This magnificent example of Modern Style furniture is a hall table. I call this the table Two Moons Rising because the stretchers on both ends are like a full moon. This piece is made from Curly Bubinga and painted Mahogany. The long, graceful arches on the stretchers is of Asian influence.

  • The wood in this piece is Tiger Maple and was cut from one single log. The piece was handcrafted in the Old World Style, where all the joints are hand-cut dove tails, mortise and tenon and rabbit joints. The writing surface is constructed with breadboard ends. This Secretary has a 10-hand rubbed coats of Shellac, in keeping with the finish used in that period.
    Still available for purchase.

  • This beautiful coffee table is made from Curly Maple and Painted Mahogany. Wood expands and contracts with the changes in weather. Normally a large piece of wood, such as this table top, is fastened in the middle of the apron and allowed to "breath" on the outer edges. This unique table has a lazy "S" curve cut through the middle and is fastened on the outer edges, leaving a 1/4' gap, allowing the movement to be with the "S" curve. The mahogany bowl sitting on the table is permanently fastened to only one side of the top, allowing the table to move, unrestrained, below it.

  • This lovely hall table is crafted in the style of Greene and Greene. The brothers were prominent makers during the Craftsman Period of furniture making. They are well known for "cloud lifts", the stepped motifs on their furniture. There were heavily influenced by the Asian style of furniture. The piece is made of Mahogany and the finish is hand rubbed varnish. The drawer is hand dove-tailed and the slides on the recessed wooden slides.

  • This beautiful little hall table is made in the Craftsman Style. The top is a framework of Curly Riftsawn Appalachian Oak. This is very rare wood and that rarity made it impossible to make a solid top….hence the the Beveled Glass inserts. The leafs are made of Ash, and are actually two pieces glued together is such a way as to allow straight grain to show on all four sides…..something nature does not provide. This delicate little table is still available for purchase.

  • This church lectern is made entirely of Ash and stained to match the predominate woods in the building. It is used for lectures throughout the church as well as a signing in station for events.

  • This desk was custom designed with the customer's request for a rather unusual curved front..........but otherwise in the style of Gustav Stickley. It was made from one carefully chosen log of Curly Maple with a veneered top and inserts of Burled Walnut. The three drawers are all in one long curve. This beautiful piece was finished with five coats of hand rubbed varnish and then rubbed with 000 steel wool to produce a soft sheen.

  • This magnificent, very modern Conference table was designed for the eclectic space in which it was to reside. It is 18 feet long, boat-shaped with flat ends and 5 foot wide in the center. The infield is veneered with a spectacular Birdseye Maple. The waterfall edges running around the entire perimeter are of Zebra wood. The two visually dominant woods are separated by a one half inch wide strip of Sapele edged on both sides by strips of Ebony. The extremely heavy table is supported by three rectangular, truncated painted bases. The finish is Catalyzed Lacquer meant for durability.

  • This beautiful hall table was made of a particularly nice piece of Birdseye Maple I had been saving for the right project. The legs are constructed from Ash, and the stretchers are Curly Riftswan Appalachian Red Oak. The table seemingly floats on hidden risers. This piece is finished with a hand rubbed varnish. This modern hall Table is still available for purchase.

  • The furniture of Gustav Stickley was easily identifiable and has been one of the premier styles of the Craftsman period of furniture making. Unlike Stickley, who chose stained quarter sawn White Oak as his wood, this piece is a copy of his hall table, but made entirely from one piece of Curly Maple. As are the majority of my pieces, this one was meticulously dyed to bring out the beautiful figure of the wood. All joints are pegged mortise and tenon, and the top sports breadboard end to keep it from bowing and cracking. The drawer from is dovetailed to the drawer sides.

  • This understated hall table is crafed in the Craftsman Period style, showing simple, straight, clean cut lines. It's beauty is elevated by the designs simplicity. The piece was crafted from Curly Bubinga and painted Mahogany. All joints are mortise and tenon. The piece is finished with a hand varnish.

  • This plant stand was crafted as a complimentary piece to the hall table. All joints are mortise and tenon. The finish is hand rubbed varnish.

  • This beautiful clock was made from one piece of spectacular Curly Maple and finished with 10 hand-rubbed coats of Shellac. It has two different chimes and also chimes on the quarter hour. Though modern, the clock face is reminiscent of an earlier, more decorative period in clock making.

  • This Tall Clock was made from wood specially chosen from one tree to maintain uniformity in the figure. I chose Shellc as a finish and used 5 hand rubbed coats. The face is hand painted painted in a style which makes it look centuries old. The movement is mechanical and has 3 different chimes from which to chose, as well as quarter hour chimes. The chiming is unique in that the hammers strike 9 diamond cut, cupped and nested bells, giving a sound much more delicate than conventional rods or tubes. This piece was chosen by Readers Digest to be included in their revised edition of "Understanding Wood finishing", authored by Bob Flexner.

  • This dignified column clock is made from Curly Maple and has Macassar Ebony columns. The clockworks housing is made of Oklahoma Redbud. This clock rests on brass feet. It has two different chimes and also strikes on the quarter hour. The metal face is an ornate filigree indicative of a Century ago.

  • This toy locomotive was made for a little boy who loves trains. This toy was made of Oklahoma Black Walnut and Curly Maple. Please note:this was not an original design.

  • This little excavator was made for a young boy's 3rd Birthday. Please note: this is not an original design. This little toy is made from Baltic Birch, Hard Maple and Curly Maple.

  • This beautiful vase 3 1/2 inches high on it's stand. It is 2 5/8 inches in diameter. The vase is made from Dendritic Talc, the same kind of soft talc rock used to make talcum powder. This vase site on a Gabon Ebony base in the Asian style and the Gabon Ebony lid has an inlay of Dentritic Talc.

  • custom wooden timebox

    This beautiful music box contains a 50-note Sankyo movement playing all three pats of Souveniers D'enfance. The box is made of quilted maple and true Ebony with a beveled glass top. It is finished in hand buffed lacquer.